How It Works

Frequently Asked Questions

Campaign Organizers

Pretty much any project with a creative or innovative goal can run a campaign. Startups, tech competition entrants, artists, film makers, and builders of any sort of new thing are welcome. We require that the organizers (whether an individual or a team) submit a proposal for our review and have a specific goal in mind that they can complete in about 3 months. To apply, join the Run Your Own CrowdRaising Campaign" campaign and complete the tasks.
A crowd is what you make it. A passionate crowd is a powerful ally. Your leadership in utilizing your crowd can give you super powers. A CrowdRaising campaign gives you the tools to organize that crowd-work. You can organize your crowd around important tasks like pulling together important data, doing outreach for you, customer development, beta testing, giving feedback on designs or pricing, or warm introductions. You can organize your crowd around complex tasks like design work, coding, organizational work, or strategic advice. Find superstars in your crowd that you can bring onto your team.
For now, you are limited to simple rewards - like the rewards that you would offer on crowdfunding platforms. They must be under $600 in value. You can promise your own time in return, offer to promote the pledger's project, or offer free products, early access, creative promo items, naming rights, cupcakes web or video shoutouts, and other creative rewards like you would find in crowdfunding campaigns. Seriously though, cupcakes. Cupcakes are making a comeback. Once a pledger submits a contribution to your project, you or a trusted member within your campaign will have the option whether to approve it for credit. As we grow, will introduce the ability to reward crowd-work with equity or cash (or cryptocurrency, if you're into that kinda thing). The user that created the campaign is fully responsible for delivering all of the listed rewards in exchange for completed hours.
You should talk to an attorney if you are interested in protecting your idea before sharing it on CrowdRaising. We can recommend some really good ones if you contact us at

If you can share enough to get people interested in your idea, without giving away your "secret sauce," you can run a campaign. If you will need an NDA from pledgers for them to complete their hours let us know.

Campaign Pledgers

Each campaign has a "Rewards" section listing rewards that the organizer is offering. When you make a contribution and mark it "ready," the campaign organizer must review and approve it before you can get credit. Your profile will reflect your successfully completed tasks. If you have earned rewards, it is solely the responsibility of the user who created the campaign to deliver them.
Each campaign is comprised of "Tasks." These Tasks can be anything from filling out a survey, gathering data online, doing outreach, or anything else the organizer needs help with. You can join a CrowdRaise without pledging any time and check out all the outstanding tasks.
The Organizer and trusted members decide whether you have completed a task and earned the listed reward. We will mediate any disputes over rewards and work quality.
We think so. The best way to learn if you want to work with someone is to do a little work together. Completing a task means getting your work in front of founders at an early stage when they need it the most. Also, you'll be getting experience working on projects you love and building a portfolio on this site. And inside every CrowdRaise, you'll be working along-side and meeting other people who might share your vision.


Bug Reports is still in beta. If you find something broken or out of place, it would help us a lot if you email us and let us know. Give as much information as possible about what you were doing when the problem occurred, as well as your browser and operating system (including version numbers, if possible). We will file a bug report and try to resolve it as soon as possible.

Feature Requests

We would love to hear from you about how we can improve We encourage you to email us your ideas and feature requests. We will also be hosting beta testing sessions for future releases. Keep an eye out for our email announcements if you'd like to participate.

User Roles

Members are people who joined a campaign. They can do most things you'd want to do in a campaign: join and contribute to tasks, edit their contributions, post comments, and participate in discussions. They can also invite others to join the campaign.

Trusted members are members with access to advanced campaign-level abilities. They can create and lead tasks, edit the campaign settings, approve contributions, and ban/unban users from the campaign. They can also trust/untrust other members. Trusted members are identified by an asterisk (*) after their usernames.

The creator is the person who started the campaign. Creators are like trusted members but can never be banned or untrusted.

Note that anyone on the Web can view campaign, and any logged-in user can post comments and participate in discussions unless they are banned.

Tasks vs Contributions

A task is a job or bit of work that needs to be done within a campaign.

A contribution is someone's work on a task.

Every task has one leader and one or more contributors. Only trusted members can lead or create a task, but any logged-in user can contribute to a task.

Leading a Task

Only trusted members can be task leaders. If you are trusted, you can assign any trusted member (including yourself) to a new task. To change a task's leader, just edit the task and type a different user into the "Leader" field.

Contributing to a Task

Any logged-in user can contribute to a task. First, you need to join the CrowdRaise and pledge time to the task. Find an open task and join it by clicking the "Pledge Time" button.

When you're ready to contribute, click the "Contribute" button on the task page and fill in the information. Click "Create Contribution" and you're done!

You can always revise your contribution by clicking the "Contribute" button again and posting a new contribution.

Upload Formats

Currently, supports:

  • Images (.jpg, .jpeg, .png, .gif, .psd)
  • Video (.mov, .mpg, .mpeg, .avi)
  • Audio (.mp3)
  • Flash (.swf, .fla, .flv)
  • Documents (.doc, .docx, .pdf)

"Some HTML Allowed"

If a textbox is marked "Some HTML allowed," you can use the following HTML tags:

<strong> <i> <b> <img> <span> <div> <p> <em> <br> <sup> <sub> <table> <tr> <td> <th> <strike> <li> <ul> <ol> <hr> <tbody> <small> <span> <center> <h1> <h2> <h3> <h4> <h5> <h6> <iframe> .

Otherwise HTML isn't allowed.

Comments vs Discussions

Posts on tasks or contributions are called comments. Comments are best for leaving feedback on a specific task or contribution. also supports forum-style posts called discussions. Discussions are best for higher-level conversations that go beyond one task or contribution. Discussions can be categorized to appear in a certain tab (e.g. a discussion about inviting users could be categorized "People") or left uncategorized for campaign-level discussions.

Campaign Statuses

They can mean whatever you want. Here is one suggestion:

  • pre-production means you are planning the campaign: setting up the basics, creating the first tasks, and inviting users.
  • in production means work has begun. Tasks have been assigned leaders and people are starting to make contributions.
  • post-production means most contributions are in and most tasks are closed. The final product is being assembled.
  • finished means the campaign has been completed and there's nothing left to do.
  • canceled means the campaign was abandoned and won't be completed.

Editing Your Profile

Log in and click your username at the top. Your profile page will load. Click the "Edit" button at the top of the "Profile" box. Email Settings

You can customize which notification emails to receive (if any) by logging in and clicking the "Settings" link at the top.

Uploading Multiple Tasks allows you to enter many tasks at one time using a CSV file.

Each field in the file must be separated with ";" (semi-colons)

The CSV file should have the following information on each line:

Title(Required);Instruction (Required);Number Of People Needed (Optional);Deadline (Optional);Leader (Optional)

If an item is marked as optional, you do not have to enter it. Here is an explanation of each field:

Title (Required): This is the name of the task that you want to create.

Description (Required): These are the instructions that will show when you open up a task.

Number of People Needed (Optional): This is the number of people that you need to work on a particular task. If this is left blank, 1 person will be used.

Deadline (Optional): This is the due date for the task you are creating. If this is left blank, a deadline of one week from today will be used.

Leader (Optional): This is the username of the member that you want to be assigned as campaign leader. If this is left blank, you will be used as the campaign leader.


If I had a CSV file with the following line:

Task 1;This is my first Task

I would create a new task called "Task 1" that would have "This is my first Task" as instructions when you opened the task.

Use the following template to help you make tasks.