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Join this campaign to get your own CrowdRaising campaign launched in 15 days.

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Let's keep the meta-campaign thing going. Here, we'll get your ready and fitted for your very own CrowdRaising campaign. We will be releasing new CrowdRaising campaigns in waves - every 15 days. Yours could be in the next wave!

To create a campaign, you will have to write copy explaining what you want to accomplish, create a campaign image, create a campaign video, and make tasks. Join this campaign and we'll walk you through the process. When this campaign expires, all campaigns that are ready to go will launch. If you're considering running a campaign, join now.

Pledge Level(s)

4 to 5 hours
(time commitment)

The Reward
Your very own CrowdRaising campaign launches live on this site when this campaign expires.

Qualify for a reward by making a task contribution that is approved by the campaign organizers.