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We want to open a full-service, healthy, and fresh grocery store in NorthEast Denver, an area regularly historically by supermarkets. It will be owned, funded, and built by the community, for the community.

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The Mission

We want a community owned grocery store that serves what Denver neighborhoods want and need: affordable, healthy, local foods. If you share our values of supporting our local economy, delicious craft products, and making Colorado’s wonderful qualities accessible to all.

The Plan

Nourish Market is slated to be built exactly between two very different communities that have both seen tremendous growth and change in recent years, Stapleton and North Aurora. In many ways they mirror – in the space of a few blocks – the racial and socio-economic divide between much of Denver and the surrounding communities.

According to the 2010 Census, the mostly white Stapleton neighborhood boasts a homeownership rate of 82.1% and median home value of $457,800. Just across 25th street, the mostly black and Latino North Aurora has a homeownership rate of 26.1%, with a median home value of $122,500.

There are few community spaces that bring folks together regardless of race, culture, or class. The neighborhoods around our proposed market site are poised at a critical juncture, of either coming together as a community, or, as so often happens, splintering along class lines.

Food is a great equalizer. We all eat, and we all want better options. Through nourishing the whole community, we hope to build a bridge between these two communities.

The Ask

We are at a critical juncture right now with our funding. We need to raise $800,000 this from grants and donations to secure our site, and make our project viable. We also need to recruit another 700 members. Can you help us break ground on this community food co-op? Join this CrowdRaise to see the available tasks.


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Superhero status. 10% discount on groceries for 6 months once the store opens.

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Change maker. Experience that you can put on your resume.

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The Reward
Helper Extraordinaire. Get to know your community better, and get that volunteer's high!

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