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There are so many startup ideas out there that we decided to make a game about it. StartUp and Take My Money is a game we created to test your startup knowledge and to get feedback for startup ideas. Help us make more game pieces.

More about this CrowdRaise

SUnTMM the game

StartUp and Take My Money is a fun little game that we created. You begin with 5 coins. You are presented with startup ideas and you can choose to invest (swipe right) or not invest (swipe left) in them. You are rewarded or penalized based on whether other players chose to invest, some outtakes from the startup's press history (if it is real), and whether it's real or we made it up completely. You can give it a try here.

But it's more than just fun, SUnTMM can be very useful. You can quickly learn a lot about the startup landscape and find solutions that you did not know you needed. Also, it is a way for founders and aspiring entrepreneurs to get quick but useful feedback on ideas and existing startups.

What we need

We've come up with some initial game pieces (startup ideas and existing startups). We need your help to come up with more. Make a game piece for us by coming up with a startup idea (or find a real startup to showcase) and create an image for it. If we include your game piece in the game, your username will pop up right in the game as the creator of your idea and you'll get the raw data for how many people swiped left and how many swiped right on your idea.


Pledge Level(s)

1 to 2 hours
(time commitment)

The Reward
Your username will appear under your gamepiece and we'll send you the raw data about the swipes for our gamepiece.

Qualify for a reward by making a task contribution that is approved by the campaign organizers.