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Trollala helps match companies that received similar demand letters from patent trolls so they can work together. Help Trollala collect the names of potential patent trolls so we have a comprehensive list.

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What is a Patent Troll?

Not everyone who asks for a licensing fee for a patent is a bad actor or patent troll. Patent trolls abuse the high potential cost of litigating a patent to extract unfair licensing fees. Sometimes the patents they assert are invalid. Other times, they claim the patent covers more than what it covers. Usually, they send hundreds or thousands of demand letters. A patent troll will go after downstream customers who are just using a product that they purchased. They go after them indiscriminately, even if they are your local Goodwill or a public school. Believe it or not, there is an entire industry built on this concept. Check out by Austin Meyer.

Who we are

We are using technology to turn the tables. For victims of patent trolls, it is usually too difficult to find others. Speaking up publicly might lead to retribution in the form of a lawsuit. And what if no-one responds. This leads to the prisoner's delemma when negotiating to settle with a patent troll.

We collect patent demand letters confidentially and compare them. If there is a match on patent number or other identifying factors, we identify a match. Then we mix in human review of the matches to ensure that actual victims are submitting them. Finally, we confidentially match victims who submit demand letters for the same patent(s) so they can discuss a joint response strategy. Whether that strategy is to settle by negotiating together or fight back is up to them.

Our Ask

We need your help to gather the names of possible patent trolls into our List of Possible Patent Trolls. You can do this by finding news articles, public lists, or by scouring for large litigation campaigns with many defendants. That way, when people receive a patent demand letter and google the demanding company's name, Trollala will come up.

We'll do our best to verify each potential troll submission. Not every company on our list will be a patent troll. If you find believe there is a company on our list that is not a patent troll, let us know by contacting


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The Reward
One cute little, cuddly, colorful-haired troll doll.

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