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Share Meals is dedicated to making sure all students have the nutrition they need to excel. There is already enough food around them for that to happen, they just need to know about it. Help Share Meals grow.

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Meet Jon from Share Meals

Jon is the founder of the Share Meals organization and it's community and app. He is the 2017 winner of the Clinton Hunger Leadership Award. He realized that food and dining card balances were being wasted on college campuses while some students did not have access to nutritious food. "For many people, college is really the last time that they're asked to think critically. If we can catch them at this crucial juncture and show them that being responsible for the people around them is powerful and fulfilling, then when they go out to become the leaders of tomorrow, they'll have that compassion with them..." Jon Chin

The Share Meals Mission

Share Meals is dedicated to ending hunger and social isolation on college campuses. We develop web / mobile apps, advocate for university-wide policy changes, and organize public service events. We empower students to strengthen their communities through sharing.

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How You Can Help

For us to accomplish our mission, we need more college students to know about the Share Meals app and community. Share Meals needs your help to reach your peers. Share Meals also needs to build its database of universities and how meal plans work in each one. That's where you come in.

You can Pledge time to share and talk about Share Meals with your peers over social media. You can also pledge your time to help us collect data about campus dining and other activities where food is served in on campuses. Whether you choose one task or both, you'll be helping end hunger and loneliness on college campuses.

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The Reward
A limited edition video cooking class starring the organizer Jon Chin.

Share Meals will also follow you on twitter and tweet about a project of your choosing to its twitter audience as long as the project is not obscene or otherwise violates the Terms of Use of this Site.

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The Reward
The previous rewards. PLUS a limited edition Share Meals-branded hot sauce to pass around when you're sharing meals.

Qualify for a reward by making a task contribution that is approved by the campaign organizers.